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Phone call/email to find out specifics about the role, the ideal candidate etc - 10 Minutes

Pick the suitable candidate from our profiles - 5 Minutes

Candidate visits for a free trial day - 6-7 hours

If successful, candidates can start working ASAP

All documents and safeguarding checks completed prior

The smooth timesheet approval system

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Your Feedback

They were by far the most helpful and considerate consultants I spoke to whilst I was looking for jobs. I’m grateful for your support.


Primary teacher, Central London

Thank you very much for getting me work this year. I worked with agencies in the past and they would take extra cuts from me - glad to be paid fairly!


SEN TA, South London

A smooth and easy process! Huge thank you to you and the team! I heard many stories about other agencies but was fortunate to not have to experience any difficulties.


TA, West London

Customer service is always great! Responsive & honest.

Hayes SEN School

West London

After graduating from university, I struggled to understand what route I should take. I did not have much experience so I was unsure. The team helped me understand what route best fit me and I was given the stepping stones to kickstart my career.


Psychology Graduate, North London

Always able to provide to provide quality TA’s to meet the complex needs of the students. The TA’s are of high quality - with the right balance of qualifications, experience and passion.

Hackney Primary School

East London

Ready to help where they can - transparent and honest.

Brent Primary School

North West London

I was offered a permanent, full-time position as a Primary Teacher on the day I went in for the interview. The process was quick, simple and I felt heard.

Primary ECT

West London


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